Thaddaeus Brown Profile

Thaddeus Brown

A young creative, who started off with a passion for music, which later developed into a beat-making hobby, to serious interest. So serious, that Thaddeus decided to invest in a bedroom studio to commit to getting better at the craft.

This later led to a job opportunity as an admin/creative assistant for a serial entrepreneur and a talented super producer/multi-instrumentalist. During this time, the passion for music would blossom into an appreciation for creativity in all its various forms and a taste for this sparked the hunger to do more, learn more and repeat.

After that had run its incredibly invaluable course, Thaddeus took the chance to take up another creative skill in graphic design, after picking up some proficiency in videography, photography, digital marketing, social media content creation, management and scheduling.

He would do this as a design apprentice for Hackney Council, the borough that he was born and raised in. Thaddeus was able to thrive confidently in this role and feel at home as both a creative and as a long-time resident.

As well as gaining graphic design and art working experience, Thaddeus has been able to maintain and improve his understanding of Videography, photography, sound engineering and even adding Motion Graphics /Animation into the mix.