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HUMANITY AND the world around us has always faced challenges, and today is no different. However, confronted by all manner of inter-related challenges from all manner of directions that have all manner of impacts, as detailed in the United Nations SDG’s, today some people and communities can find some of them insurmountable, overwhelming, remote, and sometimes irrelevant.

We are all one people under one sky.

Nonetheless, while we each have our own perspectives we all have an individual as well as a collective responsibility to one another and the planet to do our utmost to safeguard and support one another, and solve these challenges for all our benefit. 

Today, we live in an age where all of us are the most powerful versions of ourselves, and where new technologies and tools are helping individuals impact the lives of billions of people and the planet at a speed and scale that would have been unimaginable even just fifty years ago.

Today, one person can change the world.

By tapping into this power, and with a clear understanding of how emerging technologies can help individuals and organisations have an even greater impact on our world in the future, for both better and worse, we at the World Futures Forum have always believed these challenges are solvable. But, that said, solving them requires determination, education, ingenuity, and support, and that is where you, our community can have the greatest impact.